Sleigh Bells Concert Recap

Photos: Ciyeva Lafaye

Earlier this week, fans braved the freezing rain to see Sleigh Bells perform at Granada Theater. Opening up the night was New York’s alternative-rock band Sunflower Bean, who recently kicked off their tour at the end of January. Dallas was their last stop in Texas, putting on spectacular shows in San Antonio and Austin just nights before.

Concertgoers were having fun expressing their excitement before the show on Granada Theater’s Twitter wall with tweets like “Alexis Krauss is my dream girl” and “I’m so happy to see @sleighbells for the third time”.

The noise-pop ensemble opened with “Blue Trash Mattress Fire” from their latest release Kid Kruschev. The dreamy vocals and windblown hair of Sleigh Bells’ front-woman, Alexis Krauss, was enough to give the entire crowd and myself goosebumps. The bass hit and shook the whole venue. The crowd immediately started dancing and singing along to every word. Krauss made sure to hype up the crowd even more with proclamations like “For this song, I need you to close your eyes, dance, and not give a f**k who’s next to you!” They put on a very energetic show while playing the most popular songs from their debut album Treats, such as “Rill Rill”, “Infinity Guitars”, and “Crown On the Ground” -- the track where she dove into the crowd, surfed her way around and landed back on stage.

Sleigh Bells always puts on a great show, and Tuesday night was no different. Even if the noise pop genre isn’t your thing, their upbeat, electrifying energy is contagious - making for an undeniably great performance.