Soccer Mommy Concert Recap

Photos: Ciara Perozzi

Soccer Mommy, the alias of 20-year-old Nashville artist Sophie Allison, brought a new airy light to the definition of a singer-songwriter at Granada Theater on Friday. She started off the set wearing an oversized grey cardigan and playing older mellow tracks. Once the cardigan was shed her hazy melodies became mixed with new pop-punk flare that captivated the crowd almost instantly.  

As Allison was draped in smokey neon lights she performed tracks off her new album, Clean, including her rebellion-filled song “Your Dog”. Soccer Mommy began chatting with the crowd about the hot Texas weather and her on-stage sweat that conveniently segwayed into her next song, “Cool”. For a few songs, the rest of the band headed back stage while Allison treated the crowd with solo singles and Bruce Springsteen covers.

Allison finds a way to combine the coffee house open mic night vibe with a nostalgic edge that that brings an incredible uniqueness to her music. Her empowering and plainspoken lyrics transcend through the crowd, song after song, leaving you craving more every-time. I highly recommend checking out Soccer Mommy next time they are in Dallas.


Ciara Perozzi