So Much For The Afterglow 20th Anniversary Recap

Photo: Matt Carlin

Nostalgia was in the air Tuesday night as some of the greatest bands from the 90’s took the stage for the first sold out show at The Colony’s brand new venue, Lava Cantina.

The night kicked off with Austin, Texas legends, Fastball, who played a medley of songs from their new record Step Into Light, showing they’ve still got some gas in the tank.  The two-time Grammy® nominees ended their set with a massive sing-along to their fan favorite hits “The Way” and “Out Of My Head”.

Following Fastball’s performance, Vertical Horizon came out to a few technical issues, but frontman Matt Scannell jokingly assured it was all part of the plan. The group powered through hits “You’re A God” and “Best I Ever Had” before playing their smash 1999 hit “Everything You Want”. At certain points, you could only hear the crowd belting out their favorite songs, which overpowered the band’s vocals creating an almost crowd-led choir in the background.

Lastly, the kings of Portland, Everclear, took the stage for their 20th anniversary of the hit album So Much For The Afterglow, opening the set with the title track. Unfortunately, technical sound issues continued, causing the band to stop their performance mid song. However, once things got back on track, Everclear started from the top of their setlist, replaying their first two songs.

Photo: Matt Carlin

The group quickly went into other popular tracks from the album including “Father Of Mine”, “Normal Like You” and “I Will Buy You A New Life”. There were points when Everclear was playing hits you forgot they even had. After a fantastic 18-song performance, the group ended their set with arguably their biggest song “Santa Monica”, taking the older audience on a nostalgia trip back to their dorm rooms.

You could tell that every band truly enjoyed playing their hits for the fans. Each performance was full of energy and nostalgia as the night felt more like 1997 than 2017.