Sound on Sound Fest 2016 Recap

Out with the old and in with the new. After a strong 10-year run, the now retired Austin-based music festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest has been replaced by Sound on Sound Fest. Margin Walker took on the feat to reimagine the fest to keep the punk-rock, electronic, skater vibe alive for all FFF Fest fans. Of course, Crate Diggers had to venture out to Sherwood Forest and experience this novelty fest first hand.

Nestled deep in the forest (about 20 minutes East of Austin) on Renaissance Faire grounds, SOS Fest embraces the medieval nature of the site by theming the event with knights, castles, dragons, and the ye-olde lingo to make festival goers feel completely immersed in the experience. For those who missed it or want to relive the magic, here’s a few of our favorite highlights:

Renaissance Themed Attractions

The fair grounds didn’t shut down completely as traditional Renaissance attractions were still in full swing. Festival-goers flocked to the rollercoaster-like race horses that ride uphill then backwards into the station and the axe-throwing booth to attempt launching an axe into an apple hung on a wall (which is harder than it looks).  

Diet Cig

As one of our all-time favorite performers, we never miss a chance to see Diet Cig. Playing Day 1 at the Dragon’s Lair, the duo never ceases to energize the crowd as the lead singer and guitarist, Alex Luciano, spins around the stage with her guitar, kicking her leg high in the air, and jumping off amps and drum sets. And, Alex doesn’t miss a chance to share her quirky cute humor with the crowd. Half out of breath from her last song, she explained getting hit with a bicycle the night before and her fear of having bad karma in Austin because she stole a lawn gnome at SXSW.

Car Seat Headrest

We’ll go ahead and say it. Car Seat Headrest was easily the best unexpected performance of the weekend. Playing Day 2 on the Forest Stage, the group of four had a distinct charm about them, mixed with a killer ability to get the crowd feeling their music. Before heading off stage after soundcheck, the band played a few verses of a new song they’re working on about Mac Demarco allegedly stealing the drummer’s songs at college and then using it to create his first album. While we can’t prove this speculation, we can say we’re very excited for their next album!

Beach Slang

We have to give it to James Alex; after the band “split up” in April at Salt Lake City’s Kilby Court, him and Ed McNulty have carried out the rest of the tour single handedly. However, at SOS Fest, James took the performance solo, getting the crowd pumped and shouting the lyrics back to him with only his vocals and a white Epiphone 355. Unfortunately, after such a powerful performance, Beach Slang found their van broken into around 1 am that same night to find a saddening amount of stolen equipment.  


Similar to FFF Fest, SOS Fest had a wrestling ring full of outrageous costumes, trash talking, and knock-outs. Hosted by Anarchy Championship Wrestling, the SOS Fest wrestling match invited a wide variety of characters that brought the fight in and out of the ring. Two wrestlers even took the fight into the woods, dropping each other into piles of tree branches. It was intense to say the least. No one can resist an over-the-top wrestling match in the middle of Sherwood Forest.

Volcom Skate Park

Of course there had to be a skate park. Volcom sponsored SOS Fest, bringing in a half pipe graffitied with skulls and full of rotating skateboarders showing off their moves to the crowd. While hanging at the Volcom skate park, you can also hear the buzzing of a small motor bike that festival-goers could ride around pretending like they know what they’re doing.

All in all, another great festival for the books. Big Boi performed jam after jam, Phantogram wowed the crowd with heavy bass and an unforgettable performance, and Sherwood Forest was electric with live music and loads of memories. We can’t wait to see what else Margin Walker has in store for us! Until next year...


Amy Mrstik