Song Premier: D & Chi - "Supernova"

We are very excited to premier the new single from the local indie-pop group D and Chi, “Supernova”. D and Chi are comprised of vocalist/guitarist Darren Eubank and vocalist Chima Ijeh and a quartet of local musicians. Their catchy and honest lyrics will have even first time listeners singing along right away.

This song shows a vulnerable side to D and Chi and Chima Ijeh and Darren Eubank’s harmonizing vocals are as powerful as they are easy to listen to. “‘Supernova’ is about exploring new love,” said songwriter Eubank. “In the song, they’re stargazing and setting off on an adventure.”

Don't miss the celebration of the group's release of their summer single with a release party tonight from 8 p.m to midnight at Cinderblock (4622 E Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75223). The event will also feature performances by 16-year-old singer-songwriter Parker Twomey, Blue Apollo, Remy Reilly and City Under Siege.  Tickets to the event can be purchased here.

Check out D & Chi performing "Supernova" live for So Far sounds below.