Syd Concert Recap

 Photo: Jenna Doolittle

Photo: Jenna Doolittle

This past Tuesday night, Syd performed at the South Side Music Hall on her first ever solo tour.
Although this is her solo debut, she's a seasoned artist, previously the front woman of the neo-soul band, "The Internet".  Syd released her solo album, Fin, earlier this year and an EP last month titled, Always Never Home.

The singer-songwriter captured the audience with her incredible performance and stage presence. Her style is so unique combing her pure soft and soothing vocals on top of the new-aged jazz beats. Without "The Internet" behind her on stage, there is no doubt Syd is out of her comfort zone.  You could tell this moment really meant a lot to her as she took time towards the end of the show to thank everyone in the crowd for supporting her and her new project.

I would definitely recommend check out Syd, next time she rolls through Dallas.  Check out some more photos from her performance below.

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