Video Premiere: Dead Vinyl "Till The Cosmos Fall"

Photo: Zach Burns

We are thrilled to have the honor of premiering, “Till The Cosmos Fall”, a new music video from the Fort Worth rock band Dead Vinyl. The new video pays homage to every classic sci-fi trope–Star Trek meets Godzilla meets The Monkees, a parody harkening back to the TV shows of old. “Till The Cosmos Fall” is definitely a music video to watch twice, once to watch the hilarity of a low budget sci-fi music video, and a second to really listen to how good the song is.

“Our final budget for the film was just over $700--most of that duct tape,” admits drummer Parker Anderson.

Dead Vinyl is comprised of former members from the bands Frisky Disco and Animal Spirit. The band infuses a 70's rock foundation with charging rhythms, soulful vocals and 21st century themes, angst and anxieties. The release of their EP Gold Mine brought the band ample amounts of hard-earned and well-deserved critical acclaim, including “Artist of the Year” and “Rock Album of the Year” from the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards.

Check out the music video for “Till The Cosmos Fall” below.

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