Unlikely Candidates Concert Recap

Photos: Ciara Perozzi

Last Thursday was another electric night at Club Dada as music fans crowded in one by one to catch the Dallas-local lineup. Opening for The Unlikely Candidates, Northern National played songs off of their latest EP, D.A.R.K, as well as their 2016 EP, The New Age. Setting the tone perfectly, Northern National energized the crowd with their upbeat, synth-rock tunes as well as some heartfelt ballads that hit close to home, like their track, “Dallas”.

The Unlikely Candidates lit up the stage with a presence of that immediately had the crowd pumped. Literally jumping on the stage, the band kicked off their set with “Danger to Myself” as hair flips and guitar solos had everyone infatuated with their energy from the start. Frontman Kyle Morris carried that movement throughout their entire set as he sang to fans on the edge of the stage, danced endlessly and vaulted into the crowd. Every member of The Unlikely Candidates brought that same liveliness to their animated alt-rock performance.

Photos: Ciara Perozzi

Changing the mood, the band broke into their intimate song, “Celebrate”, as Morris introduced it by saying, “This one’s for the Mommas out there.” The Unlikely Candidates ended the night with their smash hit, “Oh My Dear Lord”, while the crowd sang passionately at the top of their lungs to the anthem that this song has become.

Club Dada was filled with mesmerized fans who soaked up every moment of the night. From the soulful synth of Northern National to the passionate performance of The Unlikely Candidates, the whole venue was left wanting more.

newCiara Perozzi