Valley Queen Concert Recap

Photos: Austin James

Touring with iconic punk rock band Social Distortion, Valley Queen opened the night at House of Blues on Friday moments after a heavy downpour welcomed last minute concertgoers rushing in. The Southern Cali frontwoman, lead singer and guitarist, Natalie Carol, wasted no time breaking the silence and getting right into the thick of their recently release LP Supergiant.

“We only have 30 short minutes with you so I’m gonna cut the talking and play some music,” Carol mentions between their opening tracks. Valley Queen is the essence of an earthy, raw rock-pop-country blend that’s defined by Natalie Carol’s haunting and hypnotic voice. The band rolled through a handful of songs off Supergiant, switching between upbeat power vocals and zipping guitars, and their softer, weepy, dream-country tracks.

Photos: Austin James

Taking a break from their LP, the group played their popular track “Hold On You” from 2017 EP Destroyer, demanding the attention of eager Social Distortion fans. “Do we have any Social D fans in the house? I’ve fallen in love with them. I think we’ve all fallen in love with Mike Ness,“ Carol shares, getting a roaring response from the crowd.

Valley Queen wrapped up their short set with more howling vocals, calming country chords and reverberant amps. Before transitioning to their last song “Ride”, Carol animatedly jams out to the intense instrumental ending of “My Man”, kneeling down in front of an amp, strumming her guitar and flooding the crowd with waves of echoing reverberance.

For more on Valley Queen, check out our recent interview with Natalie Carol on Supergiant or stream their album now on Spotify.

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