Maya Piata Releases Sophomore EP "Vernal"

Photo: Larry Gayao

Happy new music Friday, we are thrilled to premiere Vernal, the latest EP from the neo-soul singer-songwriter Maya Piata. Maya’s newest EP focuses on her growth and life as an artist, songwriter and individual.  This theme of growth is perfectly represented by the title, Vernal, meaning “of the spring.”

In a recent interview Maya told us, “With Vernal, I really made an effort to strive for that same authenticity, with growth as a catalyst. I purposely made these songs so that I was proud of them. So, that when I get on stage, I’m comfortable, I’m excited, and I believe in what I am saying and singing about.” To check out the full interview with Maya Piata click here.

Vernal was written, arranged and co-produced by the artist alongside producer Corbin Winkfield at his home studio. Check out the five song EP below.