War on Drugs Concert Recap

Land of Talk opened the night with an energetic set. So energetic that singer and guitarist, Elizabeth Powell, broke one of her guitar strings with vigor and grace. 

The War on Drugs came out to a stage lit-up by inverted pyramids cascading around the stage. This fantastic light show illuminated sun rays around them as they played hits like "Under the Pressure", "Holding On", "Pain", "An Ocean Between the a Waves" and "Red Eyes" - and, ending the show with the "Thinking of a Place". 

Arcade Fire playing across town at American Airlines gave the Bomb Factory a more intimate vibe. Yet, there were plenty of die-hard fans, and a clear favorite of some local Dallas musicians who made it out to the show. 

Between songs, lead singer Adam Granduciel, reminded us of the story when the band was planning to record out here in Dallas, but had to abort because bassist Dave Hartley had swine flu. 

The electronic indie folk experience gave visions of driving through the countryside with its symphonic guitar riffs and lighthearted tunes. The entire night was a treat for Dallas locals that chose to spend their evening with The War on Drugs.