White Reaper Concert Recap

Photos: Jenna Doolittle

White Reaper stopped up in Dallas Monday night after playing Weekend 2 of ACL.  The pop-punk band had an energetic stage presence that kept the Club Dada crowd off their feet the entire night.

During the middle of the show, the front man Tony Esposito asked the crowd to form a circle if they knew the song they were playing. Moshpits ensued as White Reaper played their new single, “Judy French”. The self proclaimed "World's Best American Band" just recently kicked off their tour, but if this show was any indication, that moniker just might stick.  This was one of the best shows I’ve been to and I definitely had a case of post-concert blues the next day.

White Reaper released their new album The World's Best American Band this Spring and will continue on their current tour until the end of January.  Click here to see more from the band.